Training is an essential component of the NousNav project. The goal of the Training effort is to enable the widespread use of NousNav by neurosurgical clinical teams in low- and middle-income countries.

NousNav is developing training materials that introduce the fundamentals of neuronavigation and provide step-by-step guidance through NousNav workflow using anonymized neurosurgical datasets. These tutorials will be applicable to users from different fields, including neurosurgeons, biomedical engineers, and clinical researchers. These tools will further serve to strengthen communication among these communities by defining and promulgating a common vocabulary. NousNav training materials will allow self-directed learning and will also be used as a basis for interactive training sessions in hands-on neuronavigation workshops.

NousNav training effort will contribute to the development of a sustainable neurosurgical capacity building in low- and middle-income countries using the latest neuronavigation technology.