Our Mission

NousNav is developing technology and providing training for sustainable neurosurgical capacity building in low- and middle-income countries around the globe. Central to this mission is the creation of affordable, off-the-shelf and open-source technology for state-of-the-art neurosurgery.

Our Approach

NousNav will have a direct impact on patient care in global neurosurgery. Neuronavigation plays a key role in neurosurgical operations in which accurate localization of the lesion and its critical surrounding structures are essential. By providing neurosurgeons in resource-limited settings tools to perform better surgeries and deal with more difficult cases, the platform will help address the growing surgical burden of potentially treatable brain illness.

NousNav will have an impact on community building through its training activities. The organization of training events for neurosurgeons and the perioperative workforce will foster the creation of a global community of users. NousNav training activities will help develop the local surgical workforce in image-guided therapy.

The open source approach of NousNav will enable research collaborations on neuronavigation technology and facilitate new contributions to the platform by members of the NousNav community.